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Frequently Asked Questions

What are eyeglasses?

Eyeglasses are also called spectacles or glasses. They are optical devices worn on the eyes to help correct vision problems. Examples of these vision problems include nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

How to pick the eyeglass frame color for your face?

Choose the right eyeglass frame color from four aspects: your face shape, skin tone, hair color, and eye color. Please refer to the following tips:
Consider your face shape:
1. Square face
Oval frames and round frames glasses are more suitable, contrasting with sharp-edged features, softening and balancing the lines of a square face.

2. Round faces
Rectangle frames, geometric frames, cat-eye frames, and butterfly frames glasses are more suitable, increase the contrast of facial structures, and add clear, unique lines to create balance.

3. Heart-shaped face
Aviator, rectangle, oval, and round frames are all more suitable, increasing the width and contrast of the face, balancing the forehead and chin, and softening the face.

4. Triangular face shape
Aviator, cat-eye frame, and browline frame glasses are more suitable, soften cheekbones, and attract attention.

5. Oval face shape
Square or rectangle frames are more suitable, and glasses add an angle to the subtle curves of the face.

How to consider with your hair color?

1. Black hair
Darker frames such as black or tortoise shell frame glasses look especially fashionable with black hair.

2. White/gray hair
White hair or gray hair as a neutral shade can match the neutral frame for looking more fusion.

3. Red hair
Red hair paired with jewel-toned frames, makes you look very energetic.

4. Brown/russet-based hair
Brown, russet hair with red undertones, can match tortoise shell, amber, and dark green color frame glasses.

5. Brown hair with gold/taupe undertones
Brown hair with lighter undertones, pairing it with trendy eyeglasses with a dark frame will complement the balance of dark and light color in your overall look.

6. Blonde hair
If your blonde hair is dark, and you want a neutral look, please choose warm tones frames of quality eyeglasses online like tortoiseshell, beige or dark brown. Grey gold or platinum blonde hair will stand out against soft pastels and other brights, creating an interesting contrast with lighter color hair.

How to consider with your eyes color?

1.Grey eyes
Can pair with a bright color frame, to add luster to your natural look.

2. Brown eyes
Black and any bright color frame can pair with brown or amber eyes.

3. Blue eyes
Orange, tortoise shell frame glasses will make your eye look more beautiful.

4. Green eyes
Red, gold, and purple color frame glasses pair with green eyes, creating unique shapes, for low-key colors, can consider the brown color or other earth tones. These soft color frames suit green eyes.

5.Hazel eyes
Hazel eyes paired with a green, amber, and brown color frame provide both contrast and harmony.

How are eyeglasses made?

1. Measuring the Eye Prescription
The first step is to get a prescription from an optometrist or eye doctor. The prescription will specify the strength of lenses needed to correct the patient's vision.

2. Choose a frame
Once you have your prescription, you can choose the frames you like for your glasses.

3. Cutting and shaping the lens
Next, the lenses are cut and shaped to fit the chosen frame. This is done using specialized equipment, such as a lensometer, which measures the size of the lens and determines the shape needed to fit the frame.

4. Edging the lenses
After the lenses are cut, they are smoothed and polished around the edges to ensure a comfortable fit within the frame.

5. Frame fitting
The lenses are inserted into the frame, which is adjusted to fit the patient's face. This may include adjusting the nose pads or temples.

6. Quality control
Finally, the glasses are inspected to make sure they meet the required specifications and are free of defects.