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How much do glasses cost?

The price varies a lot depending on the frames, lenses, and the store. Luckily, at Lakoh, we offer affordable options for all budgets, starting at just $3.99 for frames!

Where can I buy glasses?

When buying prescription glasses online, Lakoh can save you hundreds of dollars. We offer a variety of styles and lens options at affordable prices without compromising on quality! Plus, we provide a 365-day warranty and a 30-day free return policy.

How much do glasses cost?

At Lakoh, our frames start at $3.99 each, with our most popular frames ranging from $3.99 to $49. If you want to add prescription lenses, we offer options starting at $5.

How do I know if glasses will fit me?

We offer virtual try-on and size guides to help you find the right fit.

Can I get prescription lenses for the frames I choose online?

Yes, you can add prescription lenses to the frames you choose online.

Are there any additional costs besides frames and prescription lenses?

Additional costs may include lens coatings (like anti-glare or blue light blocking), expedited shipping fees, or optional services like thinning lenses for high prescriptions. You can customize your choices according to your needs.

How long does it take to receive my glasses after ordering?

Standard shipping takes 14-21 days, while expedited shipping takes 10-16 days, and express shipping takes 7-14 days.

What if I'm not satisfied with the glasses I receive?

We offer a 365-day warranty and a 30-day free return policy.

How do I ensure my prescription is accurate for online orders?

It's essential to get the latest prescription from an eye doctor. You need to enter your prescription details accurately during the ordering process. You can also contact us to send your prescription.

Are online glasses cheaper than buying from traditional stores?

When buying prescription glasses online, Lakoh can save you hundreds of dollars.

Does the online retailer offer customer support if I have questions or concerns?

You can contact us by phone, email, or online chat, and we'll help you with any questions or concerns.

Can I buy non-prescription glasses or sunglasses online?

Yes, Lakoh offers non-prescription glasses and sunglasses.

What frame should I get for my glasses?

1. Face Shape:
Face shapes typically fall into categories like round, oval, square, heart-shaped, or diamond-shaped. Different frames complement different face shapes:

Round Face: Angular frames like square or rectangular shapes help add definition to soft features.
Oval Face: Lucky you! Most frame shapes suit oval faces, but consider wider frames to maintain balance.
Square Face: Rounded or oval frames can soften strong jawlines and add contrast to angular features.
Heart-Shaped Face: Frames with wider bottoms can balance a narrower chin.
Diamond-Shaped Face: Oval or rimless frames can complement prominent cheekbones.

2. Lifestyle:
Your daily activities and habits play a significant role in determining the most suitable frame:

Work Environment: If you spend long hours in front of screens, consider blue light filtering coatings or anti-reflective coatings.
Physical Activities: For sports or active lifestyles, flexible, lightweight frames made of materials like titanium or memory metal can withstand impact and provide comfort.
Fashion vs. Function: Balance your desire for fashionable frames with the practicality of everyday use. Classic styles often endure longer than trendy ones.
Personal Style Preferences:
Your glasses should reflect your personality and style. Whether you prefer bold, statement-making frames or subtle, understated ones, there's a wide range of options available:

3. Color:

Consider frames that complement your skin tone, hair color, and wardrobe. Neutral tones like black, brown, or tortoiseshell are versatile, while bolder colors can make a statement.

4. Frame Material:

Choose from materials like acetate, metal, titanium, or even wood, each offering different aesthetics and durability.
Think about practical aspects such as comfort, durability, and maintenance:

5. Fit:

Ensure the frames fit well and are comfortable to wear for extended periods. Adjustable nose pads and flexible temples can enhance comfort.
Durability: Invest in high-quality frames that can withstand daily wear and tear, especially if you're prone to dropping or mishandling your glasses.

6. Maintenance:

Consider frames that are easy to clean and maintain. Some materials are more resistant to scratches and corrosion than others.
When considering frame materials for glasses, several options cater to different preferences and needs:

7. Acetate Frames:
Characteristics: Offer a wide range of colors and patterns, providing versatility and style.
Metal Frames (Stainless Steel and Titanium):
Characteristics: Offer durability and a sleek, minimalist aesthetic.

8. Titanium Frames: Particularly lightweight and hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin.

What frames make you look younger?

Rectangular or Square Frames: These frames provide structure and definition to the face, which can counteract the softening effects that come with aging. Rectangular or square frames add angularity and sharpness to the features, creating a more youthful and dynamic look.

Cat-eye Frames: Cat-eye frames are iconic for their uplifted outer corners, which can instantly lift and rejuvenate the face. The upward sweep of the frame adds a sense of playfulness and energy, contributing to a youthful appearance.

Thin and Lightweight Frames: Thick, heavy frames can sometimes overwhelm the face and draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles. Opting for thinner and lighter frames can create a more delicate and refined look, minimizing the appearance of aging.

Bright and Bold Colors: Vibrant colors can inject a sense of vitality and freshness into your appearance, helping you look more youthful. Consider frames in playful hues like teal, coral, or lavender to add a youthful pop to your look.

Frameless or Semi-Rimless Styles: Frameless or semi-rimless styles create a subtle and understated look that can have a softening effect on the face. By minimizing the appearance of the frame, these styles draw attention to the eyes and can help create a more youthful and open expression.

Can you put prescription glasses in any frame?

When purchasing designer prescription glasses online, you have a wide array of options to choose from, including designer frames, vintage styles, branded eyeglasses, or even rimless glasses. As long as the measurements of your selected glasses frames and lenses match accurately, you're all set!

In most cases, there's no need to be concerned about buying designer prescription lenses to fit with specific stylish eyeglass frames. You can freely select your glasses frames and achieve your ideal designer look by pairing them with the right lenses!