LAKOH: Love and Care in Sight

At LAKOH, our story begins with a moment of care and inspiration. Our founder, James, was inspired by a simple yet profound family experience. One day, James heard his mother anxiously call out, "James, why can't I see things clearly anymore?" This sentence touched his heart. His mother, a hardworking mother, had raised four children and worked tirelessly for her family. When she was young, she traveled all over for her children's lives. However, the passage of time gave her endless love, but it also took away her clear vision.

Faced with his mother's presbyopia, James felt sad. He took his mother to get a pair of the best glasses, but after wearing the glasses, his mother felt uncomfortable for a long time, and the degree of presbyopia was still increasing. James realized that there was a lack of comfortable glasses specifically designed for the elderly in the market. A wish sprouted in his heart: to create a pair of glasses that are both comfortable and can showcase the personality and lifestyle of the middle-aged.

Thus, LAKOH was born. Our mission is to provide comfortable and safe glasses to middle-aged people around the world. We believe that glasses are not just a tool for correcting vision, but also a way to express personality and lifestyle. Every pair of LAKOH glasses incorporates this concept, and every design carries a deep understanding and respect for the middle-aged.

At LAKOH, we are not just making glasses, we are creating a future where the world is clearer and where everyone can see the world in their own unique way. Join our vision and experience the clarity and comfort that comes from the heart.

Why Choose Us

  • Comfort:

    Customized to fit a variety of face shapes, ensuring all-day comfort and no pressure.

  • Vision correction:

    High-precision lenses, each pair of glasses is a promise of perfect vision.

  • Style and appearance:

    A perfect fusion of trendy design and classic style.

  • Durability and quality:

    We promise that every Lakoh glasses will stand the test of time, bringing you long-lasting quality assurance.

  • Price:

    We offer the best value for money on the market, making every penny count for your visual health and style.

  • Brand and reputation:

    Choose Lakoh, choose trust. We are not only eyewear manufacturers, but also synonymous with fashion and quality.

What Customers Are Saying



The site's super easy to navigate, glasses arrived fast, and I've been getting tons of compliments on my new specs! Thanks a bunch!!



These glasses are a perfect fit! Super light but also really solid. Love the colors and design. Definitely coming back for more!



This website is a breeze to use, and the customer service is top-notch! I always tell people who dig my glasses to check out this site. Big thanks!