Prescription eyewear was perceived as being nerdy and boring, especially in school, where popular students would never own a pair. However, this situation has changed recently.

1. UV Protection

People with good eyesight are considering buying non-prescription eyeglasses. Just like using sunscreen to protect our skin from intense ultra light, we also need eyewear with UV protection to protect our eyes from sunlight too.

2.Blue-ray Protection

If you spend the majority of your time sitting in front of a computer screen, it is inevitable that your eyes could get damaged by blue-ray. Blue light protection eyewear can reduce tiredness and dryness to a certain extent.

3.Knowledgeable and Smarter

To avoid the nerdy impression of wearing prescription glasses, people tend to have non-prescription eyewear to show that they are more knowledgeable. However, glasses not only make you look smarter, they can even make you smarter! According to articles reported from authoritative platforms like The Guardian, CNBC, etc.

4.Fashionable Accessory

There are various types and colors of non-prescription glasses on the market. It has become a trend to match different eyewear to outfits. It is an accessory to improve the daily look without spending too much effort or money.

July 06, 2022 — qing tian