Triangle face shapes with quite harsh lines, or some people say ‘pear-shaped’, are similar to triangular face shapes. If you are not sure about what face shape you are, just answer these 2 questions. Is your jawline the widest part of your face? Do you have a narrow forehead? If the answers to both these 2 questions are yes, then you are a triangle face shape!

If you do not have a triangle face shape, don’t worry! We also provide a quick guide for you:

  • Round faces: Square frames or rectangular frames are both perfect for round faces.
  • Square faces: Round frames or oval frames are perfect for square faces.
  • Diamond faces: Angular frames are perfect for diamond faces, like cat eyes.
  • Heart-shaped faces: Contrast frames and square frames are perfect for heart-shaped faces.
  • Long faces: Oversize rectangular frames are perfect for long faces.
  • smaller faces: mini rectangular and oval frames are perfect for smaller faces.

There are multiple choices for triangle face shapes, like aviators, ovals, cat-eye, and rectangles. Your appearance and style can be simply changed with various types of sunglasses.

Cat-eye: You can tell what style it brings by the name of it. Cat-eye sunglasses have been in fashion since 100 years ago and can be seen in fashion shows and magazines. The bold shape of the glasses distracts people’s attention to the eyes section. It improves the overall harmony of a triangle face shape.

Rectangle: There is no doubt that rectangle sunglasses has been extremely trendy these two years, they are especially more popular among young female. As you can see, they were worn by super models and celebrities! Your overall appearance can be more fashionable and chic if you wear rectangle sunglasses.

Oval: It ehances the energetic of male and female, also balances the overal style between fashion and classic. Oval sunglasses almost fit well in every kind of faacec shape. If you have never tried any type of sunglasses before, this one would be a safe choice!

May 31, 2022 — qing tian