When shopping for eyewear online, it's crucial to find the right frame size. Ill-fitting glasses can affect both your comfort and appearance. In this guide, we'll provide you with simple and effective tips to measure your eyeglass frames accurately. By following these steps, you can ensure that your frames fit perfectly and enhance your features.


  1. Frame Width:

The frame width is a vital factor in finding glasses that fit well. A frame that is too narrow can make your face look wider, while a frame that is too wide can make your face appear narrower. To determine the ideal frame width, measure horizontally across the front of your frames, including any hinges or design features that stick out on the sides. Aim for a frame that is slightly wider than your face, with no more than a finger width between the temple and your face.


  1. Temple Length:

The temple length refers to the measurement in millimeters of the "arms" of the frame. It should fit horizontally and evenly along your face, comfortably resting on the outside of your ear. The most common temple length options are 135mm, 140mm, 145mm, and 150mm. To find the temple length, measure from the screw to the tip of one arm.


  1. Lens Height and Width:

Choosing the right lens size is crucial for optimal vision and aesthetics. A small lens width is 50mm or less, medium is between 51mm and 54mm, and large is any lens wider than 55mm. Your eyes should be centered within the lenses. Frames that are too wide can make your eyes appear too close together, while narrow frames may give your eyes a wide-set look. Measure the widest or longest parts of the lens to determine the lens height and width.


  1. Bridge Width:

The bridge width is the distance between the two lenses. It should sit comfortably flush against your nose. If you have close-set eyes or prefer a narrow bridge, opt for a lower number. Conversely, if you have wide-set eyes or prefer a wider bridge, choose a higher number. Consider the location of your nose on your face when selecting a frame style. If your nose is higher, a frame with a bridge even with the brow line will look best. For a lower-set nose, choose a frame with a lower bridge and curved brow line. Measure the distance between the inner edges of each lens to find the bridge width.


By following these helpful tips, you can easily measure your eyeglass frames and find the perfect fit. Remember to consider frame width, temple length, lens height and width, and bridge width when selecting your eyewear. Check out our full collection of prescription frames for men, women, and children to discover the ideal frames that will enhance your style and vision.

October 31, 2023 — Arnold Trent JR.