Choosing the perfect color for your next pair of glasses is essential as they will be a part of your everyday look. Your choice should complement your facial features, skin tone, hair color, and eye color while reflecting your personal style. Let's explore how you can pick the right color for your glasses and provide some recommendations.

Why should we consider skin tone?

Skin tone plays a significant role in selecting the right eyewear, although it is often overlooked. When choosing glasses, consider both your overall skin tone and undertone. Your surface tone refers to how you perceive your skin color, such as pale, tan, or dark. Undertones can be categorized as cool (pink or blue undertones), warm (yellow, peachy, or golden undertones), or neutral (a mix of warm and cool tones).

Eyeglass colors for light skin tones:
If you have light to fair skin with cool undertones (blue-ish veins and pink or blue undertones), opt for icy tones like grey and silver. Dark blue, green, and rosy pinks can also add some color. Avoid yellowy greens, ambers, bright colors, white, and beige, as they can emphasize your skin's paleness.

For light skin with cool tones, consider the Griffin lenses in pink or the Kian frames. These frames with an intriguing shape will complement your skin tone and draw attention with their polygonal design. For a bit more color, you can choose.

If you have light skin with warm peachy undertones, go for warm-toned neutrals like champagne golds, copper, tortoise brown, and olive. You may also experiment with bright colors if you enjoy a washed-out appearance.

For light skin with warm tones, consider the Romeo frames in Blue or the Chase frames in black. These colors will enhance the warmth in your skin tone.

Eyeglass colors for medium skin tones:
For medium to tanned skin tones, which usually have warm undertones with yellows and greens, copper, bronze, gold, and most solid color frames work well. Tortoise or tiger stripe patterns can also be appealing, or you can try leafy greens like fern or avocado. For a bolder look, experiment with red tones.

For warm medium skin tones, the red Adalyn square glasses frames or the Tristan green frames are excellent choices.

If you have medium skin with cool undertones, neutral tones such as copper and champagne gold can work well. Shades of blueish grey and greenish-blue, like teal, can also be flattering.

For medium, cool skin tones, consider the Romeo champagne frames or the Micaela frames in blue.

Avoid pastels and whites if you have medium skin tones, as you'll want to create contrast with your glasses.

Eyeglass colors for deep skin tones:
Contrast is key when it comes to selecting glasses for darker skin tones, so lighter colors can work well. However, you have various options to complement your undertones. While browns and blacks that are too close to your skin tone should generally be avoided, tones of black and brown are not completely off-limits.

If you have dark skin with warm undertones, hues of red and brown can complement your skin well. Consider the Greysonel frames in brown, as well as metallic golds and warm brown shades.

Dark skin with cool undertones can be enhanced by blues, onyx, grays, and deep shades of green. Try the Andrew geometric frames in blue-tortoiseshell.

With darker skin, you can experiment with vivid shades as any striking color will appear muted. Feel free to try every color under the rainbow and take advantage of your versatility.

Remember, these suggestions provide guidance, but there are no strict rules in fashion. Ultimately, choose glasses that make you feel confident and express your personal style.
October 09, 2023 — JR.Arnold Trent