Do not worry if your kid just happened to be diagnosed with myopia, even though it must be tough to accept the fact for you and your kid at the beginning. However, it is the best solution to improve the efficiency of studying and reading.

There are some tips for you to help your kids adjust the glasses in a short period of time. We believe you and your family would not like to see your kids get upset because of wearing glasses. Making the quest for the ideal glasses into an adventure could therefore increase your kids' sense of involvement and make the otherwise serious task more enjoyable.

1. Size is Essential

After your kids are diagnosed with myopia, we suggest they can get the right prescription glasses as soon as possible. It not only affects their daily lives and studies but also can make their eyesight worse. First, you have to be aware of the right size for your kid, it can be easy to figure out by looking up the size chart based on your kid's age. For more accurate and precise, we advise you to measure the width of your kids, then match the perfect one here.

2. Durable and Resistant

With high intensity of activities, a pair of durable and resistant prescription eyewear is really essential! Even though our glasses are affordable, purchasing another one still could take unnecessary money and time. Material like polycarbonate is what we highly recommend, you don’t need to worry about the glasses getting broken even if it falls on the ground. Impact resistance is an important indicator when finding perfect glasses for children.

3. Lens with UV Protection

Protecting children's eyes from UV is also very important. A study shows that excessive exposure to sunlight can cause an increased rate of getting cataracts among kids. We do offer UV protection with kids’ glasses here, feel free to choose what type and color your kids enjoy. Besides, staring at a computer screen for a long time can be quite exhausting for adults and children, so choosing a pair with blue-ray protection could also be considered. Our mission is not only to make prescription glasses but also to take care of kids' fragile eyes in every aspect!

4. Choose Your Favorite One

We offer a variety of prescription glasses for kids, they can choose their favorite one from a wide range of colors and shapes. There is also glasses shape suggestion based on different face shapes on our website. As glasses are becoming a trendy accessory, having a perfect pair could improve our face shapes just like different hairstyles!

5. Prepare An Extra Pair

Even though we do produce durable and resistant kids' glasses, no one can guarantee their glasses would not be lost. Kids need prescription glasses to maintain the efficiency of their school life, however, to have another pair usually takes a couple of days. In order not to have your kids affected by any possible accidents, please prepare an extra one. As we do provide affordable prescription glasses, it won’t cost too much for your family for sure.

Start looking for the perfect glasses with your kids!

May 31, 2022 — qing tian