As you embark on the journey to find the perfect pair of glasses, the choices seem endless. Colors, styles, and fit – but wait, there's more. The mirror not only reflects your image but also holds the key to discovering glasses that seamlessly complement the contours of your face. Join me in unraveling the art of choosing frames that enhance your features. 

I. Understanding Your Visage: Decoding the Six Face Shapes

Look closely into the mirror; what does your face say? Is it round, oval, heart-shaped, square, triangular, or perhaps diamond? Let the illustrations guide you, providing a roadmap to identifying the closest match for your unique features. How to choose glasses according to face shape

II. Face Shape and the Perfect Glasses Fusion


Round Face Shape:

If your reflection showcases curvy, smooth features and a balanced proportion, you might have a round face. Embrace bold frames with thick, straight lines and sharp corners – think rectangle, square, geometric, or even cat-eye glasses.

 Oval Face Shape:

In the mirror, if you notice a face with a slight narrowing at the forehead and chin, and cheekbones stealing the spotlight, you likely have an oval face. Wide frames are your friend; try curvier frames for sharp features or angular ones to play off the rounded parts of your face.  

How to choose glasses according to face shape

Heart Face Shape:

Is your forehead the widest part, tapering down to a delicate jaw? Congratulations, you may have a heart-shaped face. Balance it with frames slightly wider than your forehead and consider rounded frames to soften the lower half and butterfly frame

Square Face Shape:

If your facial landscape is defined by straight, angular lines and a strong jawline, square faces are your canvas. Soften those features with frames boasting curves—round, oval, wire, or semi-rimless glasses. Opt for wider frames sitting elevated on your nose. 

Triangle Face Shape:

Take a closer look at your broad jawline and narrower forehead. A triangle face shape calls for frames emphasizing the top. Experiment with wide frames to add dimension to the upper face and playful details on the brows.


Diamond Face Shape:

Widest across the cheeks and less so across the forehead and jaw, your reflection might be that of a diamond face. Embrace glasses that balance lighter bottoms with slightly thicker browlines, and let rounded frames harmonize with your angles. 

III. Beyond Rules: Face Shape as a Guideline, Not a Dictate

 Face shape is your guide, not a rigid rule. As you peer into the mirror, remember that personal style and comfort are equally crucial. Don't shy away from a pair of glasses just because they defy the conventional norms. In the end, you are the best judge of what resonates with you. 

IV. Finding the Right Fit and Style

 Fit Matters:

Take a moment to consider the fit of your glasses. It's not just about comfort but also about ensuring optimal vision correction. Explore specialized frame styles catering to unique features, like a Low Bridge Fit for those with low nose bridges.

 V. Expressing Your Personal Style Through Eyewear

 Define Your Style:

If articulating your aesthetic feels like a challenge, consider taking a frame quiz designed precisely for this scenario. Remember, personal style is subjective. Ask yourself how you dress and present yourself. Are you playful and quirky? Perhaps a cat-eye frame will resonate with your spark.

 Style and Color:

Dive into the world of color. Bright hues can infuse life into any frame shape, while monochrome colors bring composure and elegance. Your glasses, your canvas—paint it with the colors that define you.

 VI. Challenging Norms: The Art of Choosing Glasses

 Choosing Glasses as an Art:

Remember, choosing glasses is an art form. Rules are meant to be bent or broken. Don't hesitate to explore shapes and styles outside the conventional recommendations. The essence lies in expressing your individuality.

 Try On, Feel Confident:

As you stand in front of the mirror, don't dismiss a pair of glasses that captivates you just because it doesn't align with the 'right' shape. Trying them on is the key. Regardless of how your face is shaped, trust your instincts. Your confidence in those frames is what matters most.

 VII. Conclusion: Face Shape is a Guide, Not a Rule

 Summing it up, your face shape is a guide, not a rule. While it provides valuable insights, the journey to finding the perfect glasses encompasses personal style, comfort, and, most importantly, confidence. In front of the mirror, remember that you are the master of your eyewear destiny.

January 03, 2024 — Glasseslakoh