The need of wearing sunglasses nowadays is not only for protecting from glaring sunlight but also as an accessory to improve our face shape! You can trust Sunglasses, as we provide a wide range of scales and sizes of sunglasses.

It can be uncomfortable and weird when you choose the wrong size of sunglasses. So be aware of what type of your face shape is the first step when you plan to purchase a pair of perfect sunglasses.

When shopping in stores with fewer categories and options, it takes more time and effort. You might end up visiting several different eyeglass stores to find nice sunglasses. With this in mind, we offer help to insist our customers easily select their fit.

There is precise size and shape information illustrated on every sunglasses page, we do offer frames for round faces, square faces, diamond faces, heart-shaped faces, and long faces. We are confident to say that our sunglasses can satisfy 99% of people’s needs!

  • Round faces: Square frames or rectangular frames are both perfect for round faces.
  • Square faces: Round frames or oval frames are perfect for square faces.
  • Diamond faces: Angular frames are perfect for diamond faces, like cat eyes.
  • Heart-shaped faces: Contrast frames and square frames are perfect for heart-shaped faces.
  • Long faces: Oversize rectangular frames are perfect for long faces.
These guidelines offer a general orientation for you to select your perfect one. You can see details on the information page of our sunglasses!
July 25, 2023 — qing tian